The world needs a game changer

Energy in Demand - Sustainable Energy - Rod Janssen

In April this year, John Llewellyn wrote an excellent column for eceee on Formula 1 and the need for incentives to encourage innovation. For the Financial Times, John continues talking about vehicles and the need for encouraging inventiveness, possible through some “incentive.” As John says, “It should not take fear to make us motivate talents to improve our lives.” This is well worth the read. John was a former plenary speaker at the eceee summer study several years ago. One hopes he will be invited again. He has a lot to say.

Give the geniuses a reason to make earth a better place

A fatalistic dictum has it that necessity is the mother of invention. It is fatalistic because it implies that we can change the world in service of humanity only when confronted with the most exigent demands. Luckily, it is also wrong. We need not find ourselves in…

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