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Managing Buildings Using Mobile Forms Powered by Location Specific Data Part 2

In part 1 we discussed that mobile forms when used correctly, can significantly increase operational efficiencies.   By using digital forms for inspections and data collection on hand-held devices we can give field operators access to location-specific building information.  Using these same devices they can update the building information database in the field.  This real-time two-way data access and update saves time by reducing the  amount of … Continue reading

Managing Buildings Using Mobile Forms Powered by Location Specific Data

At BuiltSpace Technologies, we believe that by using mobile technology to deliver location specific information in combination with mobile forms can significantly increase operational efficiencies. Location driven data with secure login is key to having any mobile form to work well. One must have a convenient way to reference which asset or location is being … Continue reading

Square Peg. Round Hole. Integrating BIM and FM

Do you see a vacation as a journey or a destination? The difference may be subtle but it illustrates the difference between traditional FM systems and object-oriented building information models (BIM). Integrating these two building information technologies can be like forcing a square peg into a round hole. Traditional FM systems are about recording the … Continue reading

Best Practice in Building Maintenance. Reactive, Preventative or Predictive?

The US Department of Energy publication, Operations & Maintenance Best Practices, A Guide to Achieving Operational Efficiency (G. P. Sullivan, R. Pugh, A. P. Melendez, W. D. Hunt, December 2002) highlights O&M programs targeting energy efficiency that are estimated to save 5% to 20% on energy bills without a significant capital investment. The introduction to … Continue reading

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