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Operational Transformation: Managing Outsourced Facility Services

Outsourcing of facilities services, including preventative and emergency maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems, cleaning, landscaping security and other services, is a fact of life for most commercial and institutional property owners. When dealing with maintenance and asset management processes, outsourcing becomes a sticky problem; outsourced service providers must be managed, just like internal staff, … Continue reading

Why you want a Best-In-Class Approach to Quality Assurance.

Great organizations measure everything. It’s easy to talk of quality, but the real measure is found in it’s delivery. The best-in-class team is acutely in tune with adjusting its processes in order to maintain the highest standards of quality.  For Facilities Management, this is no different. You need a quality assurance program that includes processes, … Continue reading

Key Attributes for becoming Best-in-Class in Facilities Management

It’s only $29.74. That’s maybe the price of a decent bottle of wine, or a pair of cheap sunglasses. But this $29.74 is what separates being the best from being at the bottom. According to a 2010 Aberdeen Group study work order costs for a best in class operated facility was $4.18, whereas the laggards outlay … Continue reading

Quality assurance in the built environment. It’s all about being connected!

Quality A measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations. It is brought about by strict and consistent commitment to certain standards that achieve uniformity of a product in order to satisfy specific customer or user requirements. Our industry has focused, for far too long, on the idea … Continue reading

Mobile Forms for Health and Safety Inspections

Mobile Forms for Health and Safety Inspections At BuiltSpace Technologies, we believe that using mobile forms on tablet computers or smart phones for safety check-lists and inspections is a better way to store and organize records for liability and compliance. Tracking work-flows automatically generated from the inspection location, ensures safety issues are addressed immediately and tracked to resolution. Having a digital inspection document pre-loaded … Continue reading

BuiltSpace: Better Building Management

BuiltSpace’s integrated, collaborative facilities management solution brings all your building information into one place, in the cloud, available from almost any mobile device or computer. BuiltSpace integrates people and the physical building, using machine readable QR codes to identify spaces and equipment, allowing stakeholders to effectively, and efficiently, work together improve their built environment.

WIFI on the construction site can improve efficiency

Being “offline” just doesn’t work anymore. Constructing a building is as much about managing information as hammers and nails, so on-site communications has become critical infrastructure on the project. Mobile technology, tablet based BIM, Smart Phone based deficiency tracking, and the host of other cloud-based construction services mean you need to be online, all the … Continue reading

Best Practice in Building Maintenance. Reactive, Preventative or Predictive?

Best Practice in Building Maintenance. Reactive, Preventative or Predictive?.

Mobile Deficiency Tracking –

With any construction project, no matter how big or small the ability proactively report, assign, and track deficiencies is essential.  At BuiltSpace Technologies we take a unique approach to this typical construction challenge. Scenario A construction manager arrives on-site armed with his tablet computer.  As he goes about his day he becomes aware of deficiencies and issues.  Each item is easily logged using … Continue reading

Managing Buildings Using Mobile Forms Powered by Location Specific Data Part 2

In part 1 we discussed that mobile forms when used correctly, can significantly increase operational efficiencies.   By using digital forms for inspections and data collection on hand-held devices we can give field operators access to location-specific building information.  Using these same devices they can update the building information database in the field.  This real-time two-way data access and update saves time by reducing the  amount of … Continue reading

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