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BuiltSpace Inspections 2.0 For Android Now Available in the Google Store

BuiltSpace partners with Schneider Electric to target efficiency in smaller buildings

Digital Transformation: A Survival Guide for Commercial Real Estate

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How do we actually meet our COP21 GHG emissions goals for buildings?

Are you Leaving Money on the Table in Your Building Services Business?

We love to talk to our customers, particularly mechanical and HVAC service contractors.  Not only are they very interesting people, they give us insight into what makes their business work and more importantly for us, how we have helped change their business processes for the better.  A few weeks ago one of our customers told … Continue reading

Direct Digital eXchange: Changing FM at the Core

The Problem Invoices and work requests in your email.  Work orders in the maintenance contractors’ truck.  Equipment service records in the file cabinet.  How are you supposed to optimize the building, manage tenant comfort and multiple vendors, not to mention get a budget done when you are buried in a mountain of paper and email … Continue reading

How will we secure Things in the IoT?  In Virtual Rooms & Buildings of course!

Connecting Things to the Internet of Things (IoT) is easy.  Controlling access and securing them is more difficult.   Gartner expects 25 Billion Things connected by 2020.   Does that mean 25 Billion passwords to remember? Of course Thing level security will be aggregated through gateways and firewalls that isolate segments and limit access, but … Continue reading

Leverage the Core Competencies of your Partners with Collaborative Services Delivery

Facilities Management is a multi-disciplinary practice which ultimately delivers a basket of services to provide comfort and productivity to occupants and other stakeholders.   Today, most facilities managers rely on many independent specialty service providers to maintain their many different (and inter-related) assets, spaces, systems and equipment.    Processes of workflow, communication, coordination, and control are … Continue reading

Call for an EU buildings energy renovation strategy

Actively managing building performance is critical to meeting energy efficiency goals. This needs a collaborative engagement by all stakeholders.

Rethinking energy efficiency

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