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Building Energy Efficiency: Why is it so Darn Hard to Sell?

Businesses nationwide would save about $1 billion each year in energy costs if they replaced their 10-20 ton commercial units with units that meet this specification. The US Department of Energy launched the Advanced RTU Campaign to encourage the replacement of existing rooftop units (RTU) with new high performance units.  These replacement RTU could … Continue reading

Eiffel Tower completes its makeover with installation of micro wind turbines

Originally posted on Energy in Demand – Sustainable Energy – Rod Janssen:
The iconic landmark in Paris never fails to charm its residents and tourists. Tina Casey writes on the CleanTechnica website about the latest developments. How can you resist? Surely you must come and see the new micro wind turbines! ? Eiffel Tower’s Custom-Painted…

The Economics of RTUs. What is Least Cost Maintenance?

My previous post, Best Practices in Building Maintenance. Reactive, Preventative or Predictive?, summarized a DOE study, which described the costs of reactive ( or “run to fail”), preventative, predictive and even reliability centred maintenance, to maintain existing building assets.  With each improved level of maintenance, the study authors found significant maintenance cost reductions. I believe that there … Continue reading

Don’t be a Target: Isolate Vendors and Your Enterprise Systems to Improve Security

In early 2014 Target stores suffered a security breach which exposed millions of customer’s credit card files. The breach occurred when the vendors credentials, to Target’s internal network, were compromised. This allowed hackers to access the Target network and plant malware which hijacked credit card data. The vendor, a mechanical contractor, had been allowed to … Continue reading

The economics of Rooftop Units (RTU). Energy efficiency depends on your choices.

Rooftop Units (RTUs) are everywhere. Over 45 percent of the commercial real estate space in the US is cooled, and/or heated by packaged units. This equipment is usually exposed to the elements, on a rooftop or outdoor space. Exposure shortens equipment life, so well cared for RTUs have a life expectancy of about 15 years. … Continue reading

When Cloud Companies Build Towers, Real Estate Tech Rockets Ahead

Originally posted on Building Context:
Salesforce Tower is expected to be the tallest U.S. building west of Chicago when completed in 2017. Salesforce Tower, a new, 61-story project at 415 Mission Street in San Francisco, won’t be open and occupied until sometime in 2017, but its influence on top-end office properties is already being felt. …

IoT Mashup: Edge Computing Concepts in a Building Operational Analytics Context

Money Taps Open for Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Originally posted on Building Context:
Smart Buildings System Integrators Need to Seize the Moment to Reinvent The Profession In previous posts I reported on news coming from tech companies involved in the Internet of Things (IoT) movement, and how that news could impact the buildings industry.  In recent weeks, waves of announcements from the world of…

Best Practice in Building Maintenance. Reactive, Preventative or Predictive?

Originally posted on BuiltSpace Blog:
The US Department of Energy publication, Operations & Maintenance Best Practices, A Guide to Achieving Operational Efficiency (G. P. Sullivan, R. Pugh, A. P. Melendez, W. D. Hunt, December 2002) highlights O&M programs targeting energy efficiency that are estimated to save 5% to 20% on energy bills without a significant…

Maintenance Matters: The energy cost of HVAC air filters.

Originally posted on BuiltSpace Blog:
Every day your building loses energy efficiency, with occasional improvement as equipment is serviced. The “drift”, if left unchecked, could be as much as 30 percent of your energy energy consumption. How does this happen? A 2012 University of British Columbia study (Montgomery, Green & Rogak) considers the energy cost…

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