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Would you pay more for a well maintained and documented building?

A vehicle with full maintenance records almost certainly will command a premium over the same vehicle without similar proof of maintenance. Does this hold true for buildings? There is evidence that “green buildings“, those with LEED or other building performance ratings, do see a premium in the market, presumably as they are seen to be … Continue reading

Your buildings don’t need to be Smart to be Connected.

Using technology to better understand current conditions in a building has been dubbed the Smart Building. Real time monitoring of energy consumption and environmental conditions allow building operators to efficiently manage comfort for building occupants. The Connected Building connects people and systems to the building to help ensure that the building continues to meet the … Continue reading

Buildings aren’t Smart. People are.

It is is people taking action that saves the energy. Building automation, energy management, security systems, maintenance management systems, and other building systems are good collectors of building data, but it is people that interpret and combine this information with other building knowledge, that put the “Smart” in Smart Buildings. The Institute for Building Efficiency, … Continue reading

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