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Smart Planet, Smart City, Smart Buildings, now Smart Chairs!

Smart Chairs?. Yes, they are here. Productivity is about people, and now it’s getting personal. This chair actually monitors your posture to help you improve comfort and productivity, but also does some interesting reporting. Is your bum in that seat? Yes, the Axia Smart Chair tracks building occupancy.

People working together will allow us to create more sustainable buildings.

It is amazing how technology like LinkedIn has changed how we do business. My company, BuiltSpace, is trying to do the same for managing the business processes around energy efficiency and building sustainability. We believe that it is people taking action that actually saves the energy. BuiltSpace supports building sustainability by creating a collaborative platform … Continue reading

QR codes: The new building code

Location specific QR codes connect occupants to building services. Mobile technology can improve occupant engagement and operational efficiency by providing better information about building condition when and where information is needed. Each sign contains a unique QR code which identifies the location of the space where the user is reporting an issue. Want to try … Continue reading

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